Theresa May blames media, says hard brexit is inevitable


British Prime Minister Theresa May on Monday blamed the media for the fall of the pounds, not the comments she made on the possibility of a hard Brexit from the European Union.

“I’m tempted to say that the people who are getting it wrong are those who print things saying I’m talking about a hard Brexit, (that) it is absolutely inevitable there’s a hard Brexit,” she told the Charity Commission, a government department that regulates charities in England and Wales.

“I don’t accept the terms hard and soft Brexit. What we’re doing is (that we are) going to get an ambitious, good, best possible deal for the United Kingdom in terms of … trading with and operating within the single European market.”

According to reports, May is concerned that Brexit will define her time in power however, she remains confident before discussions with EU due to be launched before the end of March.

“But we mustn’t think of this as sort of leaving the EU and trying to keep bits of membership, what bits of membership will we keep,” she said.

“It’s a new relationship, we’ll be outside the EU, we will have a new relationship but I believe that can be a relationship which has a good trading deal at its heart.”