Court grants former Bremen player Klasnic compensation from doctors


Bremen, Germany (dpa) – Former Croatia and Werder Bremen player Ivan Klasnic is to receive 100,000 euros (107,000 dollars) in compensation from two doctors who were Friday found guilty by a German court of not properly diagnosing his kidney disorder.

The district court in Bremen also ruled that the two doctors must pay all past and future treatment costs and that Klasnic can seek compensation for loss of earnings.

The court said that former Bremen team doctor Goetz Dimanski and internist Manju Guha should have diagnosed Klasnic’s kidney problems and treated them from 2003 onwards – and before they were revealed around an appendix operation in 2005.

Klasnic, now 37, underwent two transplants in 2007 but now needs another transplant because the donor organ from his father is no longer functioning properly. He requires regular dialysis.

Klasnic played at Bremen 2001-2008, winning a Bundesliga and German cup double in 2004. He also featured for Mainz, Bolton and Nantes, and won 41 Croatia caps between 2004 and 2011.

Neither Klasnic nor the two doctors were present in court when the verdict was read out by presiding judge Clemens Bolay.

“At least the people can see that I didn’t tell any fairy tales and went to court for nothing, it was rather the responsible doctors,” Klasnic told Radio Bremen in a first reaction.

Two expert reports said the two doctors made a series of errors which resulted in kidney values first getting worse and the organ then failing.

The court said that Dimanski didn’t inform Guha about the bad kidney values while Guha, resposible for an annual check-up of the players, didn’t check the values.

Klasnic compensation claim for loss of earnings will be dealt is to be dealt with in another trial. Klasnic had named the overall damages at 1 million euros.

The doctors, who have protested their innocence throughout the case, can appeal the verdict.